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Psychological and Substance Abuse Evaluations serve a variety of purposes. These evaluations provide accurate and objective data to assist in answering a variety of complex questions and to provide clients with insight about their emotional and psychological functioning. They provide comprehensive information to definitively establish diagnosis, identify personality structure, determine addiction potential, and provide treatment planning. They are widely used to evaluate complex problems in children and adults. 

Forensic Assessments are used in court cases when there are questions about the involvement of psychological or cognitive issues. These assessments are used by attorneys and judges for fact finding, competency to stand trial, criminal responsibility, or risk assessment.

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A comprehensive Psychological Evaluation provides in-depth information that focuses on a person’s unique psychological and intellectual characteristics. It provides recommendations that help... Read more here.


A Substance Abuse Assessment is  conducted when there is a question of whether a person’s alcohol or drug use has moved beyond recreational use, and developed into a problem.

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Forensic Assessment involves any assessment that is done for legal purposes. 

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