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Substance Abuse Assessment San Diego, Addiction Assessment San Diego, Substance Abuse Evaluation San Diego

Substance Abuse Assessment

A Substance Abuse Assessment, or Alcohol / Drug Assessment is usually conducted when there is a question about whether a person’s alcohol or drug use has moved beyond recreational use, and developed into a problem. Substance Abuse Assessments are often court ordered, but can also be helpful for someone who has concerns about his/her own substance use. The evaluation can be used to help an individual make responsible decisions about substance use, identify the areas in her/his life that have been affected by using, and/or evaluate the effectiveness of ones' recovery program.

The factors that are assessed include:

  • Amount, frequency, and consequences of alcohol & drug use

  • Addiction potential

  • Stage of addition

  • Information regarding the context in which the addiction process developed

and continues to persist

  • Level of treatment needed

  • Treatment needs & most effective approach

  • Assessment of dual diagnosis

  • Clarification of issues underlying addictive behavior

  • Obstacles to recovery

  • Potential risk of relapse

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