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ADD assessment, ADHD evaluation, Neuropsychological Assessment San Diego

Neuropsychological Assessment

Accurate Assessments of San Diego provides the following neuropsychological evaluations: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), ADHD Assessment / ADD Assessment, Dementia Evaluation, Learning Disability Evaluation for Dyslexia and other Learning Disorders, Giftedness Assessment, and Post - Stroke Assessments.

A Neuropsychological Assessment is performed by a Neuropsychologist. It helps to diagnose neurological, neurodevelopmental, and psychiatric disorders in children and adults. It will help identify functional limitations and abilities and determine the prognosis of these problems so that you can get help in areas you need it, and excel in areas of strength. Neuropsychological assessment is also widely used to evaluate complex learning and behavior problems in children and adults.

Neuropsychological assessment is often conducted after a head injury (traumatic brain 

injury), brain surgery, or when there are cognitive or intellectual changes. These evaluations

are also recommended when there are problems with memory, concentration, motivation,

and executive functions such as planning, organizing, judgment, and social functioning.

Neuropsychological Assessment evaluates:

  • General intellectual abilities

  • Higher-level executive skills (e.g., planning, organizing, problem solving)

  • Attention and concentration

  • Learning and memory

  • Language and communication

  • Visual–spatial skills (e.g., perception)

  • Motor and sensory skills

  • Mood, behavior, and personality

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