Aeromedical Assessments and POST Public Safety Assessments

AASD's Aeromedical Assessment Center (AAC) provides both FAA / HIMS Assessments and POST Evaluations for Public Safety applicants. Our Founder, Dr. Carrie Jaffe was the first psychologist in San Diego to conduct Psychological and Substance Abuse evaluations for the FAA almost 10 years ago. As a result, aviation professionals are one of the populations she enjoys working with most. Our HIMS staff are dedicated to assisting Pilots and Air Traffic Control Specialists (ATCS). Meet them here.

Click here for more information about POST and other public safety assessments.


The process to obtain a Special Issuance Medical Certificate can be lengthy and complex; because of our vast experience we will provide you with an expert level of care and can answer all of your questions. 


Our Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, and Psychiatrist provide HIMS Psychological, Neuropsychological, and Substance Abuse Assessments to Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. We have been trained by the FAA to evaluate you according to FAA specifications. We have relationships with local and nationwide AMEs, as well as key officials at the FAA. We work closely with AMEs to provide Psychiatric, Neuropsychological, Psychological, and Substance Abuse assessments as quickly and efficiently as possible.









Information for Pilots:

  • Please contact us as soon as you know that you need an evaluation. The

process can be lengthy and we want to help you get back in the air as soon

as possible.

  • Because there is a range of Psychological and Neuropsychological assessments

that the FAA requires in different situations, it will help to expedite services

if you email your letter from the FAA to us so we can determine exactly which assessment you need before we talk to you. 

  • Being proactive will expedite the process. Make sure to gather all of your records to bring to your initial appointment. You will need to contact the FAA to have your Blue Ribbon Medical Record mailed to us. Delivery of these and other records can take several weeks.

  • If you are having a Neuropsychological Evaluation, be prepared to spend between 4-10 hours at our facility.

  • Your insurance will not cover these evaluations.

Information for Air Traffic Controllers (ATCS):

  • Most of the time the FAA will contact us directly on your behalf if you need a Tier 2 evaluation for employment. 

  • If you need a Psychological, Neuropsychological, or Substance Abuse Assessment for any other reason, you may need to contact us directly.​

  • Being proactive will expedite the process. Make sure to gather all of your records related to the reason(s) for your assessment to bring to your appointment.

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